Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Travelling with Crohn's Disease

Hey everyone!

I just want to share my experience so far with travelling while getting treated for Crohn's disease. 

I'm currently on Remicade and get an IV every 6 weeks. 

I'm planning a trip to Germany and want to go for a longer stay than 6 weeks - meaning I need to bring medication with me and find a clinic in Germany to give me the IV. It's been quite the adventure trying to pull all the information I need together for this trip, so I'm hoping by sharing what I've found out so far is of help to someone. 

I currently live in BC, Canada and am on PharmaCare coverage.

1. PharmaCare coverage lasts for 60 days for Remicade (unlike the usual 100 days for other chronic illness medication) from the day you pick it up from the pharmacy. 

2. Have your doctor fill out a prescription if you don't have one written up!

3. Tell the pharmacy not to put it into the computer until you pick it up (will affect your 60 days) and that it is a vacation supply. The pharmacist should be able to give you information on how Remicade should be stored.

4. You can bring medication for beyond the 60 days at YOUR OWN COST.

5. When travelling, the 100ml limit does not apply for medications. (I have yet to find out exactly what paperwork I need to bring medication on the plane)

6. Ask your specialist/doctor to fill out a form stating why you need Remicade. This is helpful to have for airport security. 

Hope this can help other travellers out there! :) and feel free to leave any other tips and tricks in the comments!